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Deliver creative solutions for outdoor entertaining and venues

Shade-Space’s Retractable Roofs offer a surprisingly versatile solution to shading even the most unlikely of spaces. With our range of Flexible Retractable Roof Systems, Shade-Space can conjure up a design solution for even the most challenging of projects. Our Retractable Roofs for special projects can be adapted to offer “out of the box” design solutions to even the most challenging spaces, providing you with an extremely versatile space that can completely adapt to the weather around it. So, regardless of the size or nature of your project, we are proud to be able to provide you with high-quality products.

Whether it is to enhance your designer home or as a feature for a rooftop bar, we can work with your design team to create the ultimate Retractable Roof Systems creating an outdoor feature that everyone will talk about.

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One of the most flexible awnings to integrate into your building design

Our Retractable Roof Systems are engineered to be the ultimate adaptable solution: If we want to make it work, we can make it happen. Let us help you come up with a design that will integrate perfectly into your building’s architecture whilst making the most of even the most unlikely outdoor space.

Let our team walk you through some of our Retractable Roof special projects and help you come up with a system design assured to create a space that people will talk about, offering open-air dining and entertaining at night, as well as year-round weather protection.

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Let us further enhance your retractable pergola design

Shade-Space offers an extensive range of heating, lighting and weather screening options to enhance your designs. Go a step further and design a space crafted to create just the right atmosphere. So you can utilise your outdoor space regardless of the weather and create a truly inviting environment for everyone to enjoy.

Our awnings, heating and lighting range can be used in combination to enhance the comfort of any outdoor space. Let us know what you aim to achieve and we’ll take all your project’s design requirements into account. If you’re planning on fitting outdoor kitchens, bars, seating or audio equipment we will be more than happy to make sure it all fits together. We work with you on your Retractable Roof special project to provide you with completely tailored solutions to suit your unique style and requirements.

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