Outdoor Venetian Blinds


Commercial External Venetian blinds

For a high-quality, durable blind for your home or business that works beautifully with your building’s design whilst offering the highest level of heat exclusion, why not consider Shade Space’s range of External Venetian Blinds? External Venetian blinds are a supremely energy-efficient shading option; the blinds’ slats can be angled to block out direct sunlight, effectively stopping the sun from hitting your windows and offering up to 3 times the heat excluding the efficiency of internal blinds.

Our external façade Venetian blinds offer light control and heat protection, allowing for better thermal regulation while reducing energy consumption. These blinds feature a minimalist and modern design and can come equipped with automated sensing controls to adjust blinds when needed. These blinds can be fully raised in winter or on overcast days and their angle of tilt can be regulated to let in natural daylight as required. External Venetian blinds are also perfect for adding privacy to your home and provide an attractive feature to any building without overpowering the space.

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Add a modern touch to a designer project

Whether simply contemplating an energy-efficient solution for shading your home or considering the benefits of providing a comfortable, green blinds system for your business, external Venetian blinds provide this functionality and add a modern touch to any design.

These systems reduce the sunlight’s penetration by up to 90%, being more than three times more effective than an internal blinds system.

At Shade Space we have over 20 years of experience in the installation of blinds and awnings and our team will be happy to work with your project designers to provide you with a stylish and efficient shading solution for your space.

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Add practicality with our control options

The perfect compliment to your exterior venetian blinds system.

Shade Space works with the industry’s leading suppliers of control systems to offer our clients the latest in control technology for their blind and awning systems.

Our external Venetian blinds can be operated by remote control or via a computer interfacing building management systems. Time clocks and solar sensors can be set to allow the system to automatically adjust to changing light conditions and the electric motors enclosed within the headrail provide the possibility of operating each blind individually or in banks of several blinds.

External motorised Venetian blinds provide the maximum possible reduction of solar gain and help reduce air conditioning costs and CO2 emissions.

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