Awnings with lights and heaters for your outdoor area


Commercial Outdoor Heating Systems

Add an extra degree of comfort to your outdoor space by installing one of our outdoor pergola heaters or lighting systems. Our residential or commercial outdoor heaters are ideal for all types of buildings as they create and maintain a comfortable and warm working, living and entertainment environment during the colder months. They are also great for adding subtle lighting which can help to create a cosy, romantic environment in an outdoor space that may otherwise have remained neglected.

We stock a wide selection of outdoor pergola heaters that have been designed to evenly distribute heat in any type of property or space. Whether you require a commercial outdoor heating system installation for a cafe, restaurant or hotel; or you require awnings with lights and heaters for your home garden space, we are the ideal choice. We can provide gas heaters, electric heaters and free-standing heaters, offering a range of efficient and flexible solutions.


Delight your guests and customers

It’s important to keep your outdoor living or working environment warm and pleasant when the temperature drops. Our commercial outdoor heating solutions are perfect to ensure your guests or customers have a pleasant and comfortable experience whilst visiting your outdoor space. Whether you are looking for an infrared heating system or a stunning parasol with a heater and lights built-in, we have the solution.

Our outdoor pergola heaters and lighting systems will also add value to your outdoor patio, terrace or garden and will ensure that you are able to get the most out of them all year round. Amongst our range of outdoor heaters, we can provide modern and highly efficient electric and gas heaters including Platinum Smart-Heat gas heaters, Platinum Smart-Heat electric heaters, Tungsten Smart-Heat gas heaters and Tungsten Smart-Heat electric heaters.

In addition to these, we can provide free-standing outdoor heaters which offer exceptional flexibility and efficient directional heating for areas such as terraces, patios or other outdoor dining areas.


Use heating and lighting to enhance the mood

Combine one of our pergola heating systems with easily adaptable mood lighting to create enticing outdoor environments that offer all the comforts of being indoors. You may also like to consider one of our shading systems, such as a retractable awning with lights and heaters built-in for the ultimate all-weather solution for your outdoor space.

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