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Tension Rod Blinds

Roller shade tension blinds are a truly outstanding solution for shading large spaces. Our tension-fit roller blinds can be installed either internally or externally. They can also offer various guiding options, creating a flexible system that works in almost any space: be it horizontal, curved, sloping or triangular.

Integrated control systems can either be automated or provide the user with dynamic control of their tension rod blinds system at the touch of a button, creating a practical and environmentally friendly shading solution. Get in touch with Shade Space’s team of helpful advisors to find out more.


The benefits of adding tension blinds to your design

More than just an elegant design option, tension-fit roller blinds also provide a green solution.

Tension-fit blinds add an essential level of comfort, helping you get the most out of your skylight or glazed area. In glass buildings, these blinds are an effective tool for energy conservation, allowing you to choose whether to utilise the benefits of natural sunlight or to protect your building from excessive heat. Tension blinds are an environmentally friendly solution that maximises the use of natural daylight, whilst enabling you to reduce your heating and air conditioning costs.

Increasingly, businesses are choosing to incorporate tension-fit roller blinds into their buildings at the design stage. Whether you are starting from scratch or upgrading your existing premises, Shade Space can work with your designers to create an integrated shading solution that perfectly suits your space. Why not call for a consultation today?


Consider a fully automated control system to add ease of use

Automatic roller blinds are versatile systems that can cover sizeable areas. In such cases, Shade Space recommends the installation of one of our automated or dynamic control systems. With over 20 years in the business, we work with market leaders in state-of-the-art control technology. Fully automate your system to respond to changing weather conditions; monitor and control your shading system from a remote control unit or from your P.C., tablet or mobile phone.

To discover more about our first-rate automated tension blinds, please get in touch today.

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