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Lutron Solar Control Systems

Lutron Solar Control Systems are the perfect compliment to any blind or awning project. Lutron are a long recognised provider of high quality, quiet blind systems and simple high end control integration.

Luton’s Solar Control Systems allow you to quickly and easily extend or retract your blinds or awnings and can be connected to timers, weather sensors, key locks and mini solar control systems which can be linked to Wi-Fi hubs to instantly control your retractable products.

Create a cosy dynamic outdoor environment that responds to changes in the weather or allows for simple operation from a connected mobile phone.

Whatever your shading needs, give Shade Space a call and let us tell you about our range of control systems to suit your project.


Incorporate a dynamic control system to add comfort to your outdoor area

Add an extra level of comfort to your Blinds or Awnings project and create enticing home, work or entertaining environments that the users will love.

Shade Space offers a range of Control Systems with varying levels of automation which you can operate via remote control, or even through a Wi-Fi connection with a mobile phone or another device: Adjust shade, heating and lighting easily for one small area or for your whole Blinds or Awnings System.

Our Control Systems can be tailored to suit anything from small scale residential projects to innovative highly responsive systems for offices or commercial complexes.

Shade Space’s experienced consultants are happy to answer any questions you may have to help you find the right control system for your project, so why not get in touch today?

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