Custom Awnings


Custom Awnings

At Shade Space, we stock the highest-quality commercial awning brands, including Warema, Markilux and Markisolette. When choosing awnings for your business, we understand that you want the perfect blend of practicality, aesthetics and quality. As industry-leading commercial awnings manufacturers and specialists, we offer a comprehensive range that meets the needs of business premises of all types: from cafes to showrooms.

We are always happy to discuss your project and recommend solutions that meet your requirements and suit your style, so feel free to get in touch. Call our specialist team at 0203 924 0000 today.


Choosing the right brand for you

Shade Space are leading retractable awning suppliers for businesses nationwide. We offer a comprehensive range of shading solutions from the most prominent brands on the market. Our quality awnings will expand your business space and create a beautiful environment for customers, colleagues and clients. Explore which brand of awning may best suit your needs.


Warema awnings are recognised for their excellent design. If you are looking for an awning that can be easily retracted into a compact cassette, Warema awnings are the perfect choice. Warema awnings can be fitted with precise remote-controlled functionality, allowing you to control them easily.

Available in a range of colours, finishes and fabrics, Warema awnings can subtly blend into their surroundings or become a feature in your business’s aesthetics. At Shade Space, we can also fit integrated lighting and heating options to create truly inviting environments, all year round.


Create a comfortable outdoor space for your customers by choosing Markilux shading products. With skilfully designed folding arm technology, durable fabrics and responsive solar protection, Markilux awnings are as practical as they are beautiful. These awnings can be fully motorised, allowing you to control them at the touch of a button. As one of the UK’s leading awning specialists, Shade Space is proud to stock over 250 colour options for Markilux awnings, allowing you to find the perfect fit to transform your space.


Markisolette awnings are both practical and decorative, making them ideal for facades. Embellish your office windows, shop front or balcony with these beautiful awnings, available in a range of colours. These awnings can be fitted with a centralised control system. This is ideal for large buildings with numerous awnings, as it allows for easy control of groups of awnings at the same time. Markisolette awnings offer practical elegance. As an investment, these awnings benefit businesses by controlling heat, reducing solar glare and lowering energy costs.

Why choose Shade Space as your retractable awning supplier?

For retractable awnings in the UK, Shade Space is the obvious choice. We are award-winning awning specialists who pride ourselves in providing solar shading solutions from leading brands as well as an excellent customer experience. We are proud to have a fantastic reputation as an established, reliable, efficient company. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help at 0203 924 0000.


Choosing the best awnings for your commercial space will involve considering factors such as the size of your space, how you want it to function and the atmosphere you wish to create. Talk to our specialist team at 0203 924 0000, who can advise you on which of our quality awning brands will be suited to your business needs.

For examples of our awning products, please view our projects page, which showcases our recently completed work. Click here for more inspiration for commercial awnings.

Please get in touch with our team, who can arrange to send your desired fabric samples to you for your consideration.

If you are looking for an awning that can effectively withstand windy conditions, we recommend Markilux awnings. The quality and robust design of Markilux awnings means they remain stable in varying weather conditions.

Warema awnings are excellently designed canvas awnings that offer functionality, durability and style. At Shade Space, we stock fantastic canvas options from Warema, bringing beauty and functionality to your outdoor space.

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