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Somfy solar control systems

Somfy is the world leader in blind automation technology. Its motors and controls have been at the forefront of the industry for over 50 years. Somfy continue to lead innovation and offer an extensive range of Blind and Awning Control Systems for small and large projects.

Our Somfy Radio Control Systems are ideal choice for small commercial and domestic projects. Somfy Systems can be easily connected with our range of Retractable Roof Awnings and Blinds to regulate shading. These Radio Control Systems can be linked to your home Wi-Fi to effortlessly control your retractable system from your mobile phone or other devices and can be connected to timers, weather sensors, key locks and mini solar control systems. Create a comfortable outdoor space that you can control with the touch of a button.

For more information about a control system to your Awning or Blind project, contact Shade Space today. Or friendly consultants will be happy to help.


Add comfort to your outdoor area and control it remotely

Adding Blinds or Awnings to your home or commercial premises is a huge step to adding an extra level of comfort. Create outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed in any weather by your friends or customers and make these spaces respond to your needs.

Shade Space offers a range of Control Systems with varying levels of automation which you can operate via remote control, or even through a Wi-Fi connection with a mobile phone or another device: Adjust shade, heating and lighting easily for one small area of for your whole Blinds or Awnings System.

Whether you are planning a small domestic project or a large coordinated system for offices or commercial premises, Shade Space has the technology you’re looking for.

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