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Outdoor Fabric Blinds

Increasing concerns regarding environmental welfare, as well as a more conscientious approach to the reduction of energy costs, has led to the popularisation of products like external fabric blinds. Shade Space’s outdoor vertical blinds incorporate a minimal cassette design and highly durable fabrics that come in a range of colours to suit all building designs. Our eye-catching selection of outdoor canvas blinds can perfectly complement all settings. Whether you want to make a bold statement or have something that will naturally blend into the building, our range caters for all tastes.

At Shade-Space, our external fabric blinds are three times more effective for reflecting heat than traditional internal blinds. Their unique design allows users to benefit from flexible shading, due to them being easily retracted to allow a building’s occupants to enjoy natural daylight when convenient.

They can also be fully automated to react to weather changes, and are proving to be an extremely popular environmentally friendly solution for companies big and small.

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Design your external fabric blinds system

Our outdoor canvas blinds provide a unique advantage over internal blinds: they stop the sun’s rays from hitting your building’s glass, reducing the sun’s penetration by up to 90% and proving three times more effective at reducing heat than the alternative.

Shade Space has carried out the installation of external fabric blinds on some seemingly very challenging projects. No matter how complex the task at hand, Shade Space can find the solution. We work with customers, fitters and architects to create fully automated, tailor-made solutions to suit all kinds of buildings.

At Shade Space, we’re proud to be experts in creating environmentally friendly, comfortable work and leisure environments for our customers.

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Increase efficiency by adding a control system

To add further efficiency to your external fabric blinds, why not consider fully automating the system? Our control systems can include time clocks and solar sensors, allowing blinds to respond to changing daylight and weather conditions without manual operation.

Our outdoor canvas blinds systems come equipped with electric motors enclosed within the headrail. The system allows for each blind to be operated individually or in banks of several blinds.

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