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North West England Commercial Project

When a prestigious commercial manufacturer in the English Midlands with a reputation for high quality products looked to build their new commercial centre with a clean modern design, they also looked for an effective solution to manage the solar gain on the building.


Our project

After a detailed study the Warema Climatronic Solar control system was installed to control over two hundred external venetian blinds.

The Climatronic Control System allows the sun and weather to be tracked throughout the whole day and executes coordinated movements of the blinds to adapt to the sun’s intensity. The integrated weather station checks not only for sun movements, but also for high winds and frost; this information allows the control system to decide whether the blinds should move or remain in a “safe” position. The client has the option to control the blinds by programmable zones or with local control if desired.

The tilting slats on the external Venetian blinds give very precise control on the levels of light coming into the building, so occupants working at computer screens have the optimal level of light for comfort. During the winter blinds can be set to allow more light in for sun harvesting, reducing heating costs. And, naturally, during summer the outside heat is stopped before it enters the building, helping to keep the building cool and saving on air conditioning costs.

We are proud to have installed a high quality system for a well respected, reputable firm.

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