Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly


External Window Shades

With increasing concerns about reducing our environmental impact and actively participating in preserving and improving the world we live in, controlling a building’s carbon footprint has become paramount in modern building design. An effective solution is to turn to shade options, which help control climatisation costs. External blinds and awnings systems have become an increasingly popular solution to building climatisation and at Shade-Space we are proud to provide the complete range of outdoor façade blinds and awnings to manage solar gain and help combat the greenhouse effect.

Whether on residential homes or on multi-story buildings, external blinds and screens are an essential design feature and are proving to be a cost-effective, green solution to add comfort to indoor spaces susceptible to solar gain throughout the day.


Create a great environment for workers and visitors

External blinds and shading systems can be integrated into a building’s façades to counter solar penetration providing more comfortable conditions for workers, visitors or residents and capping the energy costs of climatising the building. By coordinating a solar blind system to work in conjunction with air conditioning and mechanical ventilation, a dramatic reduction in the building’s running costs can be achieved at the same time as providing all occupants with optimal levels of comfort.

In addition to reducing heat, external solar blinds can control glare throughout the changing seasons and can adapt to offer maximum comfort during fluctuating daily sun conditions.


Centrally control your blinds from a remote or from your phone

When connected to a Solar Control System, the shading system can adjust to changing light and climate conditions in real-time to ensure that the building’s occupants are able to enjoy the optimum level of comfort.

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