A Classic Folding Roof Shade


Foldable Shade Awning

Traditional folding arm retractable awnings are a timeless solution for adding comfort to an outdoor space. Thanks to ongoing improvements in design and materials, Shade Space can offer clients a range of products that have all the functionality and charm of traditional folding awnings with the benefits of modern aesthetics. Designed to be used on patios, balconies and terraces our motorised folding arm awnings add style and practicality to your outdoor space.

Shade Space’s range of folding arm retractable awnings comes in a variety of colours, looking like a traditional awning when extended yet retracting into a discreet cassette. With such a wide choice of colours to choose from, there really is a foldable shade awning to suit all tastes.

These tried and tested awnings are ideal to be used on terraces and patios to offer shade from the sun and protection against rain. Why not call us today to get a quote for your new folding arm awning?


Enhance your space with folding arm awnings

These awnings are a perfect addition to any building, adding a cosy and quaint outdoor space or an airy minimalist feel to your sheltered area. Whatever the weather, our motorised folding roof shades ensure you can enjoy your outdoor space regardless of the season. Shade Space’s folding arm awnings span a width of 13m when the cassette is fully extended whilst offering a handy 4m projection. Our half cassette retractable awnings are perfect to transform any outdoor space.

Our folding arm awnings are manufactured with highly resistant fabrics and come in a variety of colours to complement any design. Get in touch with our friendly team and let us help you choose the best option for your outdoor space and requirements.

Motorised retractable fabric awnings will provide comfort and practicality to any outdoor space, and our folding arm retractable awnings can be complemented with a number of options to tailor the atmosphere of your outdoor area to your comfort and design requirements.

Don’t just shade it, upgrade it. As well as sheltering your outdoor space from the elements, why not create an inviting space to be used all year round? You can customise your folding awning by adding RGB / LED lighting to create a welcoming environment after sunset and consider the benefits of heating to extend the use of your outdoor area into the colder months.


Add charm and comfort to your outdoor space

Speak to our team of expert designers and installers and let Shade Space help you create the perfect outdoor atmosphere.

Folding arm retractable awnings are the perfect product for creating a responsive outdoor entertainment space: highly resistant to wind yet discreet enough to retract into a small cassette when not in use.

Shade Space’s folding arm awnings are the perfect motorised retractable solution to provide comfort and shade to any outdoor entertainment area: the robust systems are resistant to category 2 wind and can be retracted into small compact cassettes.

Enjoy full sun protection during the day and consider adding integrated LED lighting to create an enhanced ambience at night. Tell us about your project and let Shade Space come up with an awning design option to suit your needs.

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