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Stunning Warema Sun Shading Systems

At the forefront of the industry, Warema provides an outstanding range of domestic and commercial blind and awning control systems. Warema sun shading systems provide a highly sophisticated tailor-made solution that seamlessly integrates all of their control systems with the full range of industrial control protocols available such as KNX, LON, Trend, and BACnet.

Shade Space works with Warema and other industry-leading brands to provide the latest in solar control and shading systems. Warema sun shading systems are the perfect complement to any blind or awning project. These systems allow you to control your retractable awnings or blind systems easily and quickly with the touch of a button. The Warema solar control systems connect with timers, weather sensors, key locks, and mini solar control systems which can be linked to WI-FI hubs to instantly control your retractable products.

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Responsive, energy efficient shading projects

With over 20 years’ experience in the design and installation of Automated Awning Systems, Shade Space works with the industry’s leading brands to provide our clients with the latest technology in solar control systems for their awnings and blinds.

Awnings and blinds systems are already a popular option for commercial and business premises due to their cosmetic appeal, practicality, and energy efficiency. Adding a centralised control system to your blinds and awnings can make this system even more efficient: program your system to adapt automatically to changes in light and weather conditions to save time and energy.

Choose between a range of products that allow for remote control, integration into a building management system, or user operation from the comfort of a laptop, P.C., or mobile phone.

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