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Elekta is a Swedish born company and is the global pioneer in precision radiation medicine. Spanning a trajectory of five decades, their nearly 4,000 employees worldwide work tirelessly to provide cutting edge treatments to cancer patients all over the world and to improve access to precise, personalised radiotherapy treatments. Elekta provides solutions for cancer care and brain disorders that are tailored to target the tumour and protect the patient.

Elekta is a company whose team is committed to providing tools that improve and prolong life for countless people around the world.


Our project

As part of their UK business and expansion plan, Elekta constructed a new head office in Crawley (U.K.) with the intention of providing a great work environment for their employees. The building’s large, airy architectural design allows for the entry of lots of natural light to enter, however at certain times of the year too much light streams into the building and makes it difficult for some occupants to work. We were approached by Elektra to come up with a bespoke shading solution. We thoroughly enjoyed working on the Elektra shading project and learnt a lot along the way.

The solution we provided for the large reception atrium was a series of nineteen retractable external conservatory awnings to control the glare and heat. The result is a seamless blind and awnings project on an automatic control system which combines the access to natural daylight with protection from excess heat in sunny weather.

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