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Boost your outdoor space with cantilever parasol heaters

When purchasing our parasols or umbrellas, you can opt for them to be fitted with a range of integrated heating. There are many benefits to investing in outdoor umbrella heaters, including extended outdoor usability as well as customer comfort.

We offer and fit a range of commercial parasols with heaters integrated into the design. The cables for our heating options run through the poles and arms seamlessly, so no messy or hazardous electrical cables and plastic ties are left. The inbuilt heating means that you can collapse the parasols daily or on special occasions, as needed. As well as our expert heating installation, we also offer lighting solutions for our outdoor umbrella heater range.

If you opt for a parasol with heater and lights, we can also fit blinds to help keep out wind and rain. This means you can enjoy your outdoor umbrellas or parasols no matter the weather.

For more information on all our commercial parasols with heaters, give us a call today on 0203 924 0000. Our friendly team is always happy to help, offering you advice and guidance on our range of products.


Choose our commercial parasols with heaters

At Shade Space, we work with industry leading providers of the most up to date outdoor shading solutions. We offer our customers an array of design options for their outdoor spaces. Our products are supplied with the highest standard of modern materials and treatment to ensure your shading solutions are both beautiful and durable. We provide awnings, outdoor umbrellas and parasols to shade your terrace or patio for years to come.

If you’d like to add charm, appeal and warmth to your outdoor space, our commercial parasols with heaters could be the ideal solution.  Our range of cantilever parasol heaters can be powered by gas or electric. We can also provide strip or rope LED / RGB lighting products that can be integrated into your elegant design.

Looking for a stylish parasol with heater and lights? Call us on 0203 924 0000 and let our friendly team help you achieve your design aspirations.

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