Conservatory Roof Awnings 


Atrium & shading for your conservatory roof

If you have a conservatory, it’s likely you’re already aware of the vast array of advantages that having such a space offer. With Shade Space’s range of retractable awnings for conservatories, your space can be adapted to keep out excessive heat and glare, extending its utility in the summer or during hot days. Our conservatory roof shading systems are also perfect for keeping the heat in during the winter, and adding privacy to an otherwise open view. Our conservatory roof awnings are the right choice to ensure you can make the most of your extension all year round.

Whether you require a solution for a conservatory in a commercial space, such as a restaurant, café or pub, or are looking for shading for your home conservatory, our experienced team can help. 


Fully personalised atrium and external conservatory awning projects

Our retractable conservatory roof blinds are the most effective option to control heat and glare in your conservatory and add comfort as well as privacy – no matter the season. We realise that each building is different, and every project is unique. Shade Space has over 20 years’ experience working with customers, fitters and architects to create tailor-made solutions, suited to your needs.

To discuss your ideas in further detail, please get in touch. A member of our team will be happy to provide a detailed project outline that ticks all of your boxes. If you are unsure about which type of shading solution is best suited to your conservatory roof, let us help. 


Add atmosphere to your conservatory with heating and lighting

An awning system is a fantastic addition to a conservatory, allowing you to control solar glare and heat, add privacy and insulate against the cold. Our external conservatory awnings can be automated to react to climatic conditions, making for effortless climate control. In addition, Shade Space offers a range of heating and lighting options that can either be integrated into a control system or operated independently. Speak to us today and let our expert team advise you on the best products to suit your conservatory project.

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