Outdoor Retractable Louvered Roof Systems


The benefits of a retractable Louvre roof

Shade Space’s tilting retractable Louvre roofs are a durable and elegant option for enhancing any outdoor space.

These modern solutions possess an effective, elegant design, guaranteed to protect your outdoor space from adverse weather conditions. Our remote-controlled retractable louvred roof systems allow for precise adjustments to be made, providing the perfect environment, no matter the weather.

Whether you’re looking to shade yourself from the sun, enjoy a clear sky or keep out bad weather, the blade tilt of our retractable Louvre pergolas can be easily adjusted, providing the right solution to suit your needs.

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Design a tilting retractable Louvre roof that works for your space

Shade Space can help you design an elegant roof system that enhances the appearance of any outdoor space.

Available in a range of colours, we can design a retractable Louvre roof system that subtly blends into the existing architecture, or stands out as a modern design feature. Our retractable Louvre roofs can span up to an impressive 4.5m and project out to 8m. We can connect systems endlessly side by side, making this an ideal option for making a large outdoor space more functional.

Designed with elegance and simplicity in mind, Shade Space’s retractable Louvre pergolas offer an ideal shading solution, adding a modern, minimalist touch to your home or café terrace.

Our retractable Louvre awnings can also provide you with a comfortable, waterproof dining or entertaining area – so you can benefit from your outdoor area, whatever the weather.

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Optimise your retractable Louvre roof for ultimate outdoor comfort

Take your outdoor design one step further by complementing your retractable louvred roof system with heating and lighting, guaranteed to create a sumptuous and atmospheric outdoor environment.

With UK weather known for being famously unpredictable, incorporating heating options can ensure you enjoy your space all year round.

We can integrate our retractable Louvre roofs with both heating and lighting, with all elements being centralised and remote-controlled. For full protection from the elements, we can also provide side panels in various materials, allowing you to create a flexible environment that can be controlled with the touch of a button.

So, regardless of your unique environment, we can provide you with high-quality retractable louvred roof systems that will slot seamlessly with your existing decor and boost the aesthetics of your outdoor area.

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