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Retractable drop-arm awnings

Shade Space’s drop-arm window awnings are the ideal awning for high street retailers, bistros and offices. Our elegant drop-arm awnings add character to any building whilst providing sun protection to shop fronts and reducing glare; making them perfect for protecting shop window displays from the effects of sun damage.

These compact and robust awnings are stable and resistant to high winds. The range of styles and colours means that our drop- arm awnings can be adapted to match our clients’ designs, and their practicality and durability make them an asset to any business.

Shade Space has over 20 years’ experience providing businesses with all their shading needs, so give us a call and let our team answer your shading questions.


Incorporate drop-arm awnings into your design

Drop-arm window awnings are an elegant addition to any shop front or restaurant, drawing attention to your business whilst remaining essentially functional. Our fitters are experts in the installation of drop-arm awnings and will be happy to work with your design team to create the streamlined look that best fits your business.

Our drop-arm window awnings utilise heavy-duty, wind-resistant fabrics and come in a variety of colours to complement any design. Call Shade Space and let us help you choose the best awning to suit your needs and compliment your outdoor space.


Make your drop arm awnings part of a greater design project

Shade Space is a company with over 20 years’ experience in the installation of awnings and blinds, but our customers also trust us to take things a step further and help them create enticing outdoor spaces to delight their customers.

Does your business have an outdoor space that could be repurposed? Consult with our team on the possibility of adding heating, lighting and shelter. Speak to one of our friendly consultants about our range of products and start to enjoy the benefits a beautifully climatised outdoor space can provide for your business.

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