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One of the most unique awning solutions for your outdoor space

Enjoy all the advantages of our Wooden Pergolas with retractable roofs and sides, integrated into a wood frame for a softer feel. Using natural timber can enhance the look and feel of your retractable roof. Create a warm cosy outdoor space with the soft feel of wood to complement your building. Our Wooden Pergolas with roofs will undoubtedly add to the aesthetics of your building, whilst simultaneously providing a convenient solution to weather protection too, so there is no need for compromise on any aspect.

Shade-Space’s Wooden Pergola with roofs come in a vast range of options that are specifically designed to hide the metal framework of the retractable pergola and give your space a light natural feel and prove a popular solution for period buildings or to retain that British countryside feel for pubs and restaurants.

With a varied range of Wooden Pergolas with retractable roof solutions, get in touch with us to find an option to suit your project’s design and needs. Speak to our team and let them help you find the perfect solution. We will work with you to ensure that we are able to provide you with the most suitable Timber Pergola designs for you.


Stunning design creating an impressive addition to your building

Designers, architects and home renovators alike see adding timber as one of the key elements to complementing building design. Using only FSC or equivalent EU standard sustainable timber means that Shade-Space can provide Wooden Pergolas with retractable roofs in a range of options with an enhanced cosmetic value that do a small part to help the environment.

Using either selected hardwoods or advanced technology laminated beams, there is no limit in size or look to what you can create: Be it an integrated structure that connects with your building or a unique stand-alone pergola with retractable fabric. We have a whole range of different Timber Pergola designs for you to choose from, so we are bound to have options that suit your individual taste and preferences. If you are looking for a Wooden Pergola with a roof we can provide you with high-quality solutions.


Our Wooden Pergolas with retractable roofs make it easy to control the effects of rain, sun and wind.

All Shade-Space’s Retractable Roof Awning solutions provide you with full control of your roof with the touch of a button. Retract the awning in summer to catch some rays or to enjoy the evening sky. If the day heats up, extend the Timber Pergola the desired amount for blocking the sun and staying cool.

Our Wooden Pergolas are not only a great option to provide shade, but they are also fully waterproof. Any time the rain rolls in, your waterproof roof will be ready to go. Able to withstand high winds, you can also add screens to the side to further protect from the elements. Let us help you create a fully weatherproof outdoor space with our expertly designed Timber Pergolas.

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