Roof System Awnings


Provide architectural design, offering rain and sun protection

Shade-Space’s range of Cubic Designed Outdoor Rooms add a modern, minimalist extension to any terrace or courtyard. Our Flat Roof Pergola Systems allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of the great outdoors, whilst preventing becoming victim to the elements.

The square pod design of our Cubic Pergola Systems integrates seamlessly into your existing building without detracting from the architecture whilst simply adding a functional modern feature.

Our unique Flat Roof Pergola Systems are designed to avoid the troublesome gathering of water above the sheltered area. Our awning systems provide a circuit where rainwater can run off a seemingly flat roof. Water is channelled through an integrated surround gutter and drains down hidden downpipes in the posts. For our clients, this means no visible water and more importantly: no water splashing around the outdoor area, making our Cubic Pergola Systems perfect for you if you are looking to utilise your outdoor space whatever the weather.

The Cubic Pergola Systems that we offer can span up to a huge 5.5m width with an 8m projection in one unit and provides the possibility to connect multiple units together to create a larger open space to fit the project’s required configuration. So regardless of the size of your outdoor space, we are proud to be able to provide you with high-quality rain and sun protection with our Flat Roof Pergola Systems.


Integrates into your building design.

For All Weather Protection.

Our Flat Roof Pergola Awning Systems allow for streamlined sun and weather protection which can either stand as a complete retractable pergola or be integrated into a special building design or outdoor structure.

All our Cubic Pergola Systems offer an array of design options allowing you to choose a design that will blend in with your home effortlessly, or if you prefer, stand out as a modern and attractive feature.

Shade-Space works with our clients to design the best Flat Roof Pergola Systems best suited to their needs. Whatever your individual style or preferences, we will ensure to provide you with a pergola that will slot in seamlessly with existing décor. Contact us today for a free consultation.


Can be enhanced with a wide range of accessories.

Our Retractable Flat Roof Pergola Awning Systems can be provided with a range of integrated components to enhance the comfort and design of our systems. Add heating and lighting to enhance mood and extend the use of the outdoor area into the nights and cold months, and consider protecting the area from the elements by adding screening to the sides. We are on hand to provide you with high-quality Flat Roof Cubic Pergola Systems to ensure optimum comfort and functionality for you.

Enhance your Retractable Flat Roof Pergola System with Retractable Glass and Fabric Screens to keep out the heat, wind and cold and to get the most out of your outdoor area all year round. LED and RGB lighting can enhance the mood and adapt your space for nightlife.

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