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Louvre’s sloped roof pergolas

With over 20 years’ experience, Shade Space are industry expert in the installation of Louvre sloped roof pergolas: a favourite system for cafés, restaurants, and patios.

Louvre’s sloped roof pergola systems are known for being minimalist, clean and robust. The concertina style retraction mechanism can be drawn back during fair weather, allowing users to enjoy the sunshine, or closed to offer a fully waterproof sloping roof.

All of our Louvre roof systems including the sloped pergolas come in a wide range of colours and are one of the industry’s top choices due to their durability and contemporary design.

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Both functional and elegant

Louvre sloped roof pergolas are not only practical, they’re elegant. Louvre’s contemporary design brings new life to any outdoor space and can be designed to either subtly integrate into an existing building or to stand out as an elegant, modern feature.

Shade Space’s designers and installers work hand in hand with architects and refurbishment companies to come up with novel design solutions on a multitude of projects and will happily give you expert advice on the design and installation options for your Louvre sloped roof pergola.

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Add extra value to your louvre sloping roof

Louvre’s sloped roof pergolas are a clean and simple solution to enhance any outdoor space, allowing you to efficiently keep out the rain and also enjoy the sun. By adding additional features such as lighting or heating you’re able to enjoy your new sloped pergola all year round.

All Louvre systems come with a full range of installation options such as weather-sensitive automation or remote control operation and can include extras such as integrated heating or RBG / LED lighting, allowing you to truly create the perfect atmosphere for your friends or customers.

Shade Space also offers a wide range of side panels in a variety of materials, designed to keep out wind and rain and to truly create a cosy atmosphere that is fully isolated from the elements.

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